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Completed Assoc Degree in CS from County College – contact us for great career as mobile developer

NAM will be launching another mobile app Food4Friends

This application allows you to enter data about the food choices of your friends. You want to invite your friend for dinner and don’t know which kind of food they like (Mexican, Italian, etc)? You want to surprise your relatives and friends by preparing food of their choice but confused on what they like and how to prepare for it? Don’t worry; this application will do everything that you wish for your friends and relatives.

NAM launches Wardrobe Manger App

NAM has launched wardrobe Manger App.  NAM’s Android development team has developed this application with unique features and has tested it extensively. Congrats to the team.

NAM Launches Mobile Applications

NAM has created a core group to develop mobile applications. This group is also providing aspiring software developers a training program on Android Platform to get into hot mobile development career.

The New Number for HamaraFM

Please use 732 640 0830 for Dhoom FM /HamaraFM

HamaraFM the mobile Radio

HamaraFM the mobile radio has 4 channels now .Dial 732 867 9500 to listen DhoomFM , Gurbani , Hukumnama, Bengali Radio . Adding many more.

Radio Today

24 Hrs Bangla Radio launched

Dial 732 867 9500  option 4 to listen Radio Today Bangladesh/Singapore

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